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Kieran studied electrical engineering at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, and later obtained an MBA there. He worked for a number of companies before joining the Institute for Industrial Research and Standards. He went on later to found his own consultancy business in the management of research and development and lectured in UCD before retiring to follow his interests in exploring subtle energies, painting, and running steam trains. He studied art with John Keating, Germaine Murphy, and Eoin Byrne. During his career he wrote a number of books which are mentioned below.


Newgrange and the New Science

Exploring the subtle energies of Ireland's ancient neolithic monument

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Kieran Comerford, engineer and research and development manager shows how the Newgrange World Heritage site in County Meath, Ireland, represented the culmination of the development project of an ancient technology of energy and healing which has been lost, but is now being revealed, the understanding of which, requires Science to change to accommodate new ideas and approaches.

R&D and Licensing

Building value through intellectual assets

Woodhead Publishing Ltd.

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Beyond Boundaries

A series of talks by Kieran Comerford

This book covers a number of subjects of interest to spiritual and religious people, in particular, the nature of reality as explained by Eastern philosophy and modern physics.

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Kieran's research on healing can be found at:-


Glendalough, Oil on board, 40x50cm.

Barnstable Mass., Oil on board, 30x40cm.

Ireland's Eye, Oil on canvas, 30x40cm.


St Mary's Bay, Oil on board, 30x40cm

 Achill, Co. Mayo, Oil on board, 30x40cm.

Paintings are supplied unframed and are painted on artist's canvas board or on canvas. Prices for 30x40 paintings are €300 and 40x50 paintings are €350. Enquire for packing and shipping to your destination.


Kieran can be contacted at:-

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